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We Really Do Need Each Other

Churches and Christians have one singular mission and message - make disciples of Jesus. 

For many of us, being on mission to go into all the world to be gospel witnesses and make disciples of Jesus in all nations feels like a task that is too big, too complicated. For some, it's a challenge just to go across the street or across town to take the gospel where Jesus is not known and worshiped. 

We want to help churches break through the fatigue, challenges, and barriers to making disciples of Jesus and being on mission in West Georgia. We want to equip, mobilize, and send out missionaries from local churches to partner with area faith-based organizations for gospel-focused city outreach and community renewal - for God's glory and the good of the city.


Seeking the City envisions God and His gospel making all things new in us, in West Georgia and our world. We see a diverse coalition of local churches and faith-based organizations working together as a gospel missionary movement through city outreach and community renewal - for God's glory and the good of the city!


Seeking The City helps strengthen, mobilize, and expand the mission of churches and community partnerships collaborating for city outreach and community renewal.


Seeking the City sees outreach as looking beyond yourself, your church or your organization to the people around you and be fully engaged in evangelism, discipleship and helpful services. 

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Seeking the City is aligning churches and community partnerships to love our neighbors and work for community transformation, justice and social good.


Seeking the City helps local churches and faith-based organizations be on mission to make disciples of Jesus through gospel-focused resources, training, and community-based initiatives. 

How we do it:

We believe the local church is not only called, but also uniquely equipped to accomplish and multiply the mission of making disciples of Jesus. That's why we are working to inspire local churches and faith-based organizations to action and resourcing them for this work.


What's next:

We are working to connect with more churches and community partnerships to reach and serve our neighbors. We are adding initiatives and expanding our efforts to make sure every person in West Georgia is engaged through gospel-focused city outreach and community renewal. 

Launch Proposal

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Interested in learning more about our 2-year launch proposal?

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Our Statement
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