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We Really Do Need to Make Disciples and Plant New Churches

It is evident in the past 30 years that churches in the United States have increasingly drifted away from our mission of making disciples of Jesus and have lost cultural influence.

Every generation is becoming less religious and less Christian. 2/3 of today's American churches have stopped growing or have declined.

While religion in the United States was once seen as social good, it is increasingly considered by many to be bad for people and a major obstacle to social progress. The Church is facing an increasing rejection of a shared sacred order and an intentional separation from shared moral values and absolutes.

This drift from our mission of making disciples of Jesus and loss of cultural influence should not cause the Church and Christians to be discouraged or panic. Instead, it should cause us to self-evaluate, seek God in prayer, and sacrificially collaborate more intentionally for gospel-focused city outreach and community renewal - for God's glory and the good of the city.


3.2 billion unreached people around the world.

115K are dying daily without Christ.


1 message and mission to share.


In Carroll County Georgia, 53% are unsure/undecided whether a god exists.

In Carroll County Georgia, 38% indicated that everyone and everything is a god.

SOURCE: MissionInsite (The ReligiousInsite Reports 2017 & 2021); Joshua Project; NAMB; IMB


In Carroll County Georgia, participation in religious services dropped 38%.

IN 2017



SOURCE: MissionInsite (The ReligiousInsite Report), 2017


Not 10% of us. 59% of us.

In a 2017 study, 59% of the Carroll County GA population indicated they believe 
in more than one god.

SOURCE: MissionInsite (The ReligiousInsite Report, 2017)

But if we collaborate for gospel-focused
city outreach and community renewal:

1. The gospel of Jesus will be declared and demonstrated in our city. 

2. The faith-based community will work together to makes disciples of Jesus. 

3. Our neighbors will be loved, cared for and served by local churches and community partners.

4. Communities in our city will be transformed through prayer and the good work of churches          and community partnerships. 

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