Move your church from maintenance
to missionary movement

Seeking the City strengthens, mobilizes, and expands
the mission of churches and community organizations
collaborating for city outreach and community renewal. 

It's a Gospel Missionary Movement.

Seeking the City envisions God and His gospel making all things new in us, in West Georgia and our world. We see a diverse coalition of local churches and faith-based organizations working together as a missionary movement through gospel-focused city outreach and community renewal - for God's glory and the good of the city!

With God’s help, we can rebuild and restore our cities and communities in West Georgia so that people are cared for, transformed spiritually, and thriving in community. That’s biblical city outreach and community transformation.


Seeking the City and its coalition partners will accomplish this mission when together we are fully engaged in initiatives that are gospel-speaking, disciple-making, neighbor-loving, and community-transforming. 


Together we can help rally behind strong, healthy churches and community organizations, revitalize/renew struggling and discouraged ones, and raise up news ones where needed. Together we can fix broken homes and systems, reach the marginalized, speak up for those who have no voice, and share the good news and love of Jesus Christ with all. That’s how we’ll see both individual lives and the culture of our city and West Georgia transformed.

How We Help Churches & Community Partnerships


Grow stronger in mission through 
development resources, training,
and support


Activate for mission through 

equipping, promoting, and engaging
in local impact opportunities.

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Increase mission impact through  visibility, impact events, and missional mulitiplication.

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Our mission is bold.
You can help make it happen!

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Partnering with

We help churches in West Georgia equip and mobilize local missionaries from their congregations to be on mission to reach their city and transform their communities - for God's glory and the good of the city.

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Partnering with

We help faith-based organizations and community partnerships in West Georgia to increase awareness and expand their good work by partnering them with a coalition of local churches committed to meeting community needs, loving their neighbors, and improving their communities. 


Which one are you?


We're a church/organization that loves to share our resources, training, and support with other area churches/organizations. 

We're a church/organization who needs resources, training, and support from other area churches/organizations.



That's why we created the Mission Roadmap.

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Image by Nina Strehl


Schedule A Meeting

We'll meet and talk about resources, training, and support that may be needed to help your church or organization grow stronger in mission.​

Get Involved

We'll do the heavy lifting to provide equipping and engagement opportunities to help your church or organization coordinate and activate for mission.

Make An Impact

We'll work together on ways to implement ministry events and awareness of your church or organization to expand the reach and impact of your mission.

  • Neighborhood review & insights

  • Assess leadership alignment

  • Church Health Check/Assessment

  • Determine mission priority & alignment

  • Assess ways to help you get stronger for discipleship and mission

  • Discover mission barriers and challenges

  • Define & identify the mission

  • Create models and a roadmap for mission

  • Develop missionaries for the mission

  • Explore opportunities and mobilize for mission

  • Assess current mission effectiveness

  • Review digital outreach strategies

  • Help plan community mission events

  • Intentionally love your neighbors

  • Commit to missional multiplication by sharing the gospel & planting churches

Stay up to date with Seeking the City news, events, mission opportunities, and stories.