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It's a Gospel

Missionary Movement.

Moving your church from maintenance
to missionary movement!

Our Mission

Seeking the City helps strengthen, mobilize, and expand

the mission of churches and community partnerships

collaborating for gospel-focused outreach and community renewal.

Is Seeking the City an evangelism or a discipleship focused organization? Yes!

We envision God and His gospel making all things new in us, in West Georgia and our world. We see a diverse coalition of local churches and faith-based organizations working together as a missionary movement through gospel-focused city outreach and community renewal - for God's glory and the good of the city!


Seeking the City and its coalition partners will accomplish this mission when together we are fully engaged in initiatives that are gospel-speaking, disciple-making, neighbor-loving, and community-transforming. 



Stay up to date with Seeking the City news, events, mission opportunities, and stories.

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